2310D3B0 Valentine's Day Update

I'm going to start writing the content of each update from now on so lets start with yesterday's update:

We wanted to release before Valentine's day so people who wanted to spend the day playing games with their partner would find 2310D3B0 and maybe get some enjoyment out of it, so we made a small update to make it easier to play local multiplayer.

First of all, one of the biggest issues that I wanted to fix with this update is that players who shared the same controller or keyboard couldn't play the game properly. Basically they both had to agree when they should stop playing and change controls and that obviously made the main mechanic of the game ineffective . So I thought that adding some time between turns would force both players to change controls. After testing for a while I found that 1 second of delay between turns was perfect, so I told D (the artist) to draw some sprites for the transitions and they turned out great!

I also did some minor bug fixing (mostly visual stuff) and balancing. For example, we reduced the effectiveness of the pills (from 3 charges to 2) because they were too dangerous so I then needed to re-balance pills and knife spawns. I also changed some of the spawn frequencies and added more chests in areas where not much would happen on a normal game.

And finally, we were pushing for a valentines day update so we added some visual changes to add that theme to some parts of the level (Here is an example but there are more hidden in the backgrounds).

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