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Exorcism Needed is a 2 person local multiplayer game where one player tries to survive being possessed by the other. Both players control the same character, one plays as the human, who has to survive until the demon leaves his body, and the other is the demon who has to kill the human while possessing them.
There are many objects throughout the map that the human has to dispose of to stay safe while avoiding being exposed to danger, and the demon can take advantage of the environment and use objects to take the human's life.


  • Does the game have online multiplayer?
    • No, it's local multiplayer only, although we have tried using services like Parsec that let you play local multiplayer games online and have found that they work really well.
  • Are you going to update the game in the future?
    • Maybe. Although the game is still rough in some aspects, we are pretty happy with it's current state and we want to focus on making other projects. But future updates involving bug fixes and new game mechanics like new objects or balancing measures are possible, it depends mostly on the feedback.

  • I like the game and want to support you, how can I do this?
    • We don't accept donations but you can support us by following us on twitter: CursedFiles (R3N, Gync) and by sharing the game with friends


Windows 20 MB
Linux 20 MB

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