New name and trailer

We made it! We were finally able to agree on a name!

We also released a trailer:

This is a very important step in the development, It means that the game is more or less finished. We may still update the game a couple of more times to fix bugs, do some balancing and maybe even add new stuff but at the moment we are proud of the game in it's current state.

With this update I also fixed some bugs, mostly small things like visual and audio glitches but I also had to fix a very important one that made the game unplayable on Linux if it was running on fullscreen. It turns out it was a Unity bug that had no apparent fix so I had to update the game to a more recent Unity version (which caused some other unexpected problems that I had to fix (and some other ones that I couldn't fix)) but everything turned out fine in the end (or at least I hope so, with the last version I didn't discover the Linux bug until almost 2 weeks after release).

Anyways, we are probably going to rest for a while and focus on real life stuff before we start a new project but we'll keep you updated when we make new things.

Also I should probably sign these in case I'm not the one that makes them in the future.

Thanks for reading! - R3N

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